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Portray of the BDD


The BDD was established in 1950, representing the association of German detectives with the oldest professional tradition. The BDD is well recognized by the German authorities and the public.

It represents the professional interests of its members to the federal parliament, the legislative bodies of federal states and municipalities.

Among the ministries, agencies of the Federal Republic and her states the BDD is the mediator for all the detective business related issues.

For the professional organizations of all economic activities, the BDD is a partner and consultant for investigative problems.

To the public the BDD represents the interests of its members and protects their overall economic and industrial concerns.

The main effort of the BDD is directed to improve the public image of German detectives, higher level of professional qualification and a high standard of morale within the profession. In Germany the “Detective” is not recognized as a regulated profession within its own rights.

In the BDD organized detectives are set up for promoting the correct and proper training for the investigative talent and working on appropriate steps to a public law recognized training in the context of adult education and a statutory authorization for admittance to the detective profession.

The association was formed by the 1983 merger of the Association of the credit bureaus and private investigators (PV), Berlin, and the Federation of German Detectives (BDD). It is based in Bonn and its office is located in Buchholz/Nordheide.

The BDD, together with the Austrian and Swiss detective associations launched the International Commission of detective associations (Internationale Kommission der Detektivverbände/IKD) as founding members in 1963. At present the IKD has 22 national detective associations from 18 nations.

Also international members from Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Japan, Netherlands,  Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom are represented in BDD.

Association president since May 2013 is Mr. Andreas Simon from Siegburg. The Association is organized in six national groups nationwide.

The BDD is also a member of the Association for Economic Security Association (ASW), Berlin.

For retraining and continuing education of its members, the BDD has a training institute, which organizes the annual BDD - Seminar for continuing education for members and guests. Members are requested to attend as often as possible. Guests from the detective profession are always welcome.

For professional detective training the BDD has acknowledged and recommends the Central Office for training in the detective business (Zentralstelle für die Ausbildung im Detektivgewerbe/ZAD), with locations in Berlin and Geldern/Germany.
For information of its members the BDD maintains an Internet portal and publishes the members' magazine INFO-INTERN four times a year, which is available for them online. By this publication all members are provided with relevant findings and developments of the detective branch.

A full member can advertise with the BDD-affiliation for him or his detective agency. He/she thereby recognizes the statutes and regulations of the BDD and thus ensures that the membership of the BDD is maintained as a quality mark and is further consolidated.

Member of BDD can become only those who meet the admission criteria of the association. Individuals applying for regular membership have to prove their professional qualifications as well as their reliability.

International applicants are accepted without examination if they can identify themselves as members of a recognized domestic detective association or if they hold a nationally recognized license.

All members have to respect the Code of Professional Ethics as developed by the BDD.

If you need help from a competent German detective, contact us directly or look up the membership list of the BDD.

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